Cambridge For a Day



On September 9th at 7:20 am myself and Mammy Mc hopped on a plane from Shannon to London to meet my cousin and her family. We touched down in Stansted airport at 8:45 am and rushed through the airport to make our 9:30 train to Cambridge. We arrived in Cambridge at 10 am and were greeted by my cousin, her husband and daughter with hugs, hello’s and a few joyful tears.

We drove into town for a walk around and stopped off in The Copper Kettle for the day’s first cup of tea, a bit of breakfast (of course I was way too hungry at this stage to even bother with taking a picture) and a catch up on the last 20 odd years of our lives.

Following the chinwag we decided to take a walk through the opposite end of town and see if we could find ourselves a punting tour to take us down the river. We got a 45 minute guided tour from Scudamores Punting Company. We headed down the river learning some facts about the university and the city and taking a few snaps along the way (silly me left my big camera behind so these pics are all from my phone).


After the punting tour we decided to head to Bills for a bit of grub (again way too hungry to take a photo) before running through some torrential showers back to the car. We stopped off in a bar near the train station for a quick drink before snapping a few selfies, saying our goodbyes and catching our train back to Stansted for our flight home at 7:50 pm.



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