My Christmas Wishlist

I’m one of those people who never really knows what they want when people ask and to be honest I’m kind of at the stage of my life where I’m just buying the stuff I want now so creating a wishlist was a little difficult but there are a few things I have wanted for a while but never got around to buying. I also had my friend Vanessa (shout out Vanessa :P) give me a list of make up I need to add to my collection.

Instax Mini Camera

I love taking pictures and I have always wanted to get an Instax Mini Camera but never got around to buying one myself. I’m always taking pictures but rarely manage to print them so this Polaroid camera would be ideal cause I’d get my pictures printed instantly.

Instax Mini 9

Pandora Gemini Charm

My birthday is June 6th so I’m a Gemini and although I’m not super into my astrology I do enjoy reading my horoscopes and I put my everlasting longing to be a twin down to the fact that I am a Gemini. I love this little Gemini Pandora Charm.

Pandora Gemini Charm

Now on to the suggested items from Vanessa for my makeup collection.

Zoeva Brushes

Zoeva 102 Brush
Zoeva 102 Bursh. Source
Zoeva 106 Brush
Zoeva 106 Brush. Source
Zoeva 128
Zoeva 128 Brush. Source
Zoeva 317 Brush
Zoeva 317 Brush. Source


Mac Brushes

Mac 130 Brush
Mac 130 Brush. Source
Mac 210 Brush
Mac 210 Brush. Source



Mac Lipsticks 

Mac Velvet Teddy
Mac Velvet Teddy. Source


Mac Ruby Woo
Mac Ruby Woo. Source

With all these begin said I’m pretty easy to please at Christmas time. As long as we have our Turkey and Ham dinner, our visits to Granny’s and my uncles and we have a Disney movie on Christmas night, give me a pair of fluffy socks and pjyamas and I’d be as happy as Larry!


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