The Christmas Tag

As Christmas is looming I thought I’d do the generic Christmas tag most bloggers do around this time.

What’s your Favourite Christmas Movie?

It has to be either The Grinch or Elf.

The Grinch

Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Ireland doesn’t bring many white Christmases, we barely get snow but I do remember one Christmas when I was younger and we had quite a bit of snow, myself and my brother were building snowmen with my next door neighbours and as we went to collect snow for I went with one of the girls and started steeling the snow she collected cause I was too lazy to collect my own!

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

Usually we spend most of the day in my parents house, we’d call to visit my dad’s mam and his brother but most of the day is spent at home.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

There’s just too many to choose from, but I think it would have to be Fairy tale of New York -it’s a classic!



Do you open presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope we never open presents on Christmas Eve, I usually get a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas eve but that’s all that gets opened

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?

Christmas is slightly different for us in recent years as we’re “grown up” but I think my favourite tradition will always be going to my granny’s house after dinner and getting so see so much of my dad’s family in the one place.

Is your Christmas tree real of fake?

We always have a fake tree.

What’s your all time favourite Christmas food/sweet treat?

It has to be either my Granny’s stuffing or her Christmas Cake (which never actually makes it to Christmas Day in our house…)

Be honest: Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?

Now that I’m earning money and can actually afford to buy nice presents I definitely prefer giving!

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

I’ve gotten so many great gifts over the years some of my favourites have been:

My dolls house (which I was super excited to get because it was the same as my friends one)


Fluffy (My soft teddy cat who came in his own cage, with loads of accessories, including a trophy cause clearly he was a winner, Fluffy is now almost 20 years old and definitely isn’t as Fluffy as he used to be!)


My Pink iPod Nano was definitely the top of my wishlist the year I got it but this little engraving my parents ever so kindly put on the back of it was not. I think everyone who knows me knows I can’t sign but it still doesn’t stop me! 😀


Where is your dream place to visit for the holidays?

The holidays for me are all about being at home with my family, having said that, I don’t think I’d refuse a trip to New York at Christmas 😉

What’s your most memorable holiday moment?

I don’t think I have any one particularly memorable moment that stands out to me. I have so many happy memories of Christmas Day in my Gandparents house surrounded by my aunts, uncles and cousins, so much laughter and so much good food. I get the warm fuzzy feelings even just thinking about it. I also loved when my Granddad on my mam’s side came to our house for St. Stephen’s Day dinner, it’s probably the tradition I miss most since he passed away.

What made you realise the truth about Santa?

I was in fifth class in school and one of the girls in my class told me, I went home and asked my mam who proceeded to lie to me about it until she eventually caved to tell me the girl in my class was right.

Do you make New Years resolutions?

I used to make the usual resolutions like: exercise more, eat healthier, etc. which would last all of about 2 weeks if I’m lucky. The last few years I’ve started setting myself goals, things I want to do or places I want to go to instead.

What makes the holiday special for you?

For me I just love spending time with my family, its the one time of year you know everyone makes the effort to visit everyone.

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