The Ghost of Christmas Past

Visiting Santa in the Crescent Shopping Center was one of our many Christmas traditions so I thought I’d embarrass myself and my brother (sorry Conor) and share our Christmas pictures with Santa through the years.

1995 – My First Christmas 

Santa 95

1996- Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt

Santa 96

1997- The Devil Year (I’ll explain later)

Santa 97

1998- Green Must Have Been In This Year

Santa 98

1999 – Aren’t We Sweet?

Santa 99

2000 – The Year of the Hideous Bob

Santa 2000

2001 – The Year Mam Knitted Myself and Her Matching Jumpers…

Santa 01

2002 – The Year I Was Finally Allowed Grow Out The Hideous Bob

Santa 02

2003 – Clearly I Wanted To Dress Like Santa

Santa 03

2004 – The Year the Magic Ended

Santa 04

So back to 1997 being the devil year. If you haven’t already noticed Conor and I took pictures on the same side of Santa every year except 1997 hence why I call it the devil year. For my 18th birthday my mam made me a lovely “Your life in Pictures” book with a 2 page spread of these photos and 1997 ruined the flow of pictures (OCD much?).

In recent years we have been tempted to visit our old pal in the Crescent and recreate some of these pictures but I imagine we would get some strange looks from confused children.

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