Christmas Traditions

I love traditions and our routine at Christmas is something I look forward to every year. Although some traditions have changed in the last few years some have stayed the same even though I’m technically an “adult now”.

Christmas Eve Shopping

My brother, dad and I used always go into town to do a last bit of shopping (usually to get mam’s present cause she was with us every other time we went shopping!) Although now we’re usually much more prepared in our Christmas shopping, myself and my brother generally always go into town on Christmas Eve. I love just walking around a busy town on Christmas Eve watching everyone rushing to get their last few bits, plus we’re killing two birds with one stone as we’re not cluttering up the house as dad is preparing the Christmas Ham!!

Christmas Pyjamas

One of my favourite parts of Christmas Eve as a child was having my “Christmas bath” and getting a new pair of pyjamas. Thankfully my parents know I’m still a really big kid at heart and I still get my new pyjamas every Christmas Eve!

Christmas Morning Routine

As kids my brother and I shared a room and me being the younger more excitable child, I always woke SUPER early! I remember a couple of times being sent back to bed cause it was way too early! Luckily for me Santa always left our stockings at the end of our beds so when I did wake super early I had some gifts to keep me occupied in the early hours of Christmas morning. At a more respectable hour of the morning my brother went upstairs to my parents room to give them their presents from us.

One rule in our house was that we were never allowed open our under the tree presents until after we had our breakfast. After a quick scoff of a bowl of coca-pops, when the fire was lit and the video recorder was set up my brother an I were allowed to open our presents.

As we’ve grown up this has changed quite dramatically, for one I don’t get up SUPER early anymore, in fact in more recent years, all my family is up before me and I have to be nearly dragged out of the bed. I blame college and exams on this one so here’s hoping this year might be different!


Just before dinner on Christmas day my mam’s brother always pop in for a cup of tea and some foxes biscuits on his way to dinner in my mam’s sisters house. I don’t see this uncle as often as I see a lot of my other relatives but it’s lovely to get to catch up over Christmas.

Dessert Stops 1 & 2

After dinner every year we go to see my Granny. This is probably my favourite part of Christmas. Ever since we were kids we always went into Granny’s house to show off all the cool stuff Santa brought us and spend a couple of hours there with dad’s family. This is still very much a big part of our Christmas day and is still my favourite part because I get to see so many relatives in the one place. Plus it’s also the first stop on our mini dessert tour!

Dessert stop number 2 is in my dad’s brothers house. As I mentioned before there is a bit of an over lap of godparents and godchildren between this family and mine so a lot of time is spent here, presents are exchanged and many more desserts are eaten.

Sandwiches, Movies & Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special

It wouldn’t be Christmas day without coming home after eating all those desserts and not having turkey, stuffing, & ham sandwiches taytos and chocolate while watching the newest Disney movie of the year and staying up to watch the Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Special.

St. Stephens’ Day

St. Stephen’s day was always special to me cause that’s when Mam’s dad would visit us fro Christmas. He’d come out for Stephens Day dinner which was always cold turkey & ham with chips. Since Granddad passed away in 2009 Stephen’s day just doesn’t feel the same anymore as we have no tradition it’s just like any other ordinary day in the McNamara household.

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