Merry Grinchmas

We had Christmas Decorating wars at work this week where each section of the office was going up against each other in a battle of who could decorate their area the best. We decided to go with a Grinch/Whoville theme as it is one of the best (and my favourite) Christmas movies however, much to our disappointment we ended up loosing to a Polar Express theme, a “snow experience” ( a bucket of Styrofoam beads, which I must say was pretty cool) and a pretty nifty home made snow globe machine. Although we lost I thought I’d share some of our Grinch/Whoville decorations anyway!

Grinch and MaxGrinch ChainGrinchs LairHis Heart Grew 3 Sizes that dayPost OfficeSignpostWelcome to Whoville

Many hours were put into these creations and although unfortunately we did not win, I’m still pretty impressed by our hidden artistic talents we managed to uncover!


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