Favourite Decorations

Putting up the Christmas tree is one of the things I look forward to every year however in my house I’m never allowed put it up too early. It usually goes up a handful of days before Christmas. We’re not ones for having the most stylish Christmas trees, our decorations are a collection of things we gathered over the years so here are some of my favourites.


I’m not sure where this one came out of but I love it and it’s always the first decoration on the Christmas tree whenever I decorate it.



This is one of the more sentimental decorations we have on our tree. Christmas 2015 my aunt hosted a Christmas get together in her house and bought us all this angel decoration for our trees. The March after that my aunt sadly passed away. It’s a nice touch to add to our Christmas tree to remember her.


Mickey and Minnie

Quite a few years ago my aunt, uncle and their kids went to Disneyland Paris and brought us back a Mickey and Minnie tree decoration. They went to Disneyland in Florida this year and brought us back another Mickey and Minnie decoration!



Again this is another one I’m not too sure of it’s origins but it’s a little Santa decoration I absolutely love.


The McNamara Snow People

In one of my many trips for Christmas shopping in Galway my brother and I decided to get a little decoration made up for our tree at home. Just 4 little snow people with our names on them.

The McNamaras


Another sentimental decoration. This one belonged to my Granddad before he passed away. Christmas time was always a special time for my family and again having something that belonged to him hanging on our tree helps me to remember all the memories I have of him.

Granddads Train

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