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Favourite Christmas Foods

FOOD!! My favourite part of life. I come from quite a large family of food lovers! All our family parties revolve around the food and Christmas time is the one time of year you can eat whatever you want and no one can judge you!!

Santa Sweets!

One of the best parts about Christmas night was cracking into the Santa Sweets (or Lemons as more commonly known). We only ever got these at Christmas, to be honest I don’t think you can get them any other time of year! My favourites are the Iced Caramels and the fruity ones.

Santa Sweets


Roses, roses, roses, the classic Christmas sweets! I’m the weirdo of my family who loves the strawberry dream ones that everyone else in my family hates so whenever I go to visit my Granny I get to take all my favourite sweets with me! 🙂



Jelly Tots

Okay, jelly tots aren’t a Christmas food but we always get the tube of them in our stockings every year so to me they are Christmas!!

Jelly Tots

Ham & Turkey Sambos

Yes, Christmas dinner is a wonderful thing but I look forward to the ham, turkey and tayto sambos at the end of Christmas day sitting down by the fire watching a Disney movie.


My favourite favouite part of Christmas dinner is the stuffing. None of this bread stuffing nonsense I use my Granny’s infamous recipe which includes sausage meat (cause why wouldn’t you stuff meat with more meat?) and always goes down a treat when I make it for Thanksgiving in my brothers.

Christmas Cake

My breakfast in December generally consist of cake, cake and more cake. Once we collect the Christmas cake from my Grandmother myself and dad usually some how manage to have it gone by Christmas day. It’s kind of nearly becoming a tradition/challenge to do it every year now!

Christmas Pudding

Yet another one of Granny’s recipes is her wonderful Christmas Pudding. This one though we manage to save until after Christmas. We usually do a big New Years day dinner with my dads brother and his family so we save the Christmas Pud til then cause we usually steal some in Granny’s house on Christmas day on Dessert stop number 1!

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