Christmas Eve Routine

Oh Christmas Eve, what a wonderful day, Christmas ham gets cooking, last minute rush around the shops and the excitement of Christmas day setting in!

Christmas Eve is pretty relaxed in our house nothing too crazy. Dad generally looks after cooking the Christmas ham so while that’s happening myself and my brother head into town for a while to avoid the mayhem involved in that. We are usually pretty organised when it comes to our Christmas shopping so we generally are either in town to pick up a small few bits, eating or just wandering around to get into the Christmassey spirit .

Recent years we have been stopping in at our favourite Asian restaurant – Aroi. Conor introduced me to this place about 2 years ago and it’s just fabulous! It’s our must go to spot when ever he comes down to visit so naturally it’s our go to spot on Christmas Eve when we’re in town.

After we get home from town I usually get all my presents wrapped and ready to go for the next morning.

Depending on when we get back from town we might go visit a few of our cousins that live near us and drop off a couple of presents.

After that comes my favourite part of the day. Every year for as long as I can remember Christmas had the long standing tradition of new pyjamas and a bath. Yes I am 22 years old and my parents still buy me pyjamas for Christmas Eve – this is probably a tradition that is going to stick with me forever.

Once pamper-time is over it’s generally down to the sitting room where the fire is lit, Mam dad and Conor are all tucking into the ham (I never want to spoil the taste of before Christmas dinner so I opt out of Christmas Eve ham) we watch a few Christmas specials before calling it a night ahead of the big day!!

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