Quarter Life Crisis

Have you ever caught yourself questioning all of the decisions you made in life? Wondering if you did one thing differently how your life might be right now? That’s pretty much where I’m at right now. Questioning everything about what I’ve done so far and what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted from life. Since the age of 4 I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, it’s no secret I wanted to be a Primary School Teacher and well we all know that didn’t work out as planned. I always assumed I’d become a teacher as planned, live a quiet life, more than likely in my home town, get married, have a family and that would be that.

But now 9 months after finishing college after studying a business degree, I’m starting to think a little differently. I’m craving a change, but what change I’m craving I just don’t know. I want something different; I want something new & exciting & adventurous. Right now I feel like I’m a passenger in my own life repeating the same thing week in week out and the last thing I want in life is to be boring.

I’ve always lived my life inside my comfort zone. I always hated new challenges, I always got anxious over anything new in my life, I don’t deal with change very well but now I’m looking for it. I want change, I want to challenge myself, I want to test myself and push myself to realise there is a life beyond my comfort zone. There’s a whole world of possibilities out there to explore and I’m starting to think it’s time I started to do some exploring.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for or what I need from life but I know that I need something different. I don’t know whether I just need a holiday and explore a new place or what but I feel like I need something more than the life I’m currently living.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


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