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New York, New York

Finally the day came for my adventure to New York, we’ve had this trip booked since January so you can only imagine I was like a child on Christmas morning all day at work on Friday just counting down the hours until I was officially on holidays!

We arrived in JKF around 3:30pm on Saturday however given the tiredness and jet-lag I’m not counting this as our first day in NYC as we just had a quick walk around Times Square and got something to eat before heading to our hotel.

Times Square

Sunday morning was an early start for us as we had a bus trip booked to Woodbury Common to do some shopping, because we couldn’t go to New York and not shop! I’ll do a separate post on everything I bought. The outlet center was basically a much, much bigger version of Kildare Village in the way it’s laid out, it’s all outdoor with 4 different sections of shops, luckily the bus tour we booked gave us maps so we knew exactly where we wanted to go. Mam and I are not the biggest of shoppers so given that and the jet-lag we were wrecked by 3pm and more than ready to head back to the city to get some food and get ready for our bus tour that night.

Woodbury Common

We dropped our shopping bags back to the hotel before heading into a bar down in  Hell’s Kitchen to get a bite to eat before we went on our night-time bus tour. The tour was lasted 90 minutes. We started off in Times Square, down through 5th Avenue, passing the Rockefeller Centre & Empire State Building on our way. We drove through Chinatown, Greenwich Village & Little Italy. We passed over the Manhattan Bridge into D.U.M.B.O. and took a quick drive around Brooklyn before heading back over the Manhattan Bridge and into the Financial District by the 9/11 Memorial and passed the World Trade Centre and back up into Times Square.

Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties with my camera so my photo’s didn’t turn out the best this night but here’s some of the decent snaps.

Times Square By Night


Empire State Building

New York Public Library

MET Life Tower

Going to be doing a bit of a mini series of posts from my time in New York so come back tomorrow for one of my favourite parts of the trip! 🙂